Shipyard staffing

We are very much aware of the high quality requirements of the Shipbuilding sector. Our recruitment process includes not only search and selection, but also verification of skills and practical assessment, usually conducted with Client participation.

Delphine Comar conducts and provides professional tests for workers. The Client is able to observe candidates performing specific tasks during assessment or when undergoing certification exams. Overall, we focus mostly, but not exclusively, on recruiting and providing tests for: 

  • Coded Welders (TIG, MMA, MIG/MAG etc.)
  • Blaster sprayers and spray painters
  • Scaffolders
  • Pipe fitters
  • Mechanical fitters
  • Riggers
  • Fabricators and others

Tests include visual inspection of work, destructive and non-destructive tests and certification. Our partner testing facilities meet the necessary qualifications and are fully equipped to train, test and certify tradesmen.

Our effectiveness has been verified by numerous clients, including leading companies in the industry.

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