Offshore Crew

Delphine Comar’s long history in crew management demonstrates the company’s stable, yet dynamic progress. From the very beginning, the goal was to expand our scope-of-services pragmatically towards offering all-inclusive management services to shipowners and further enhancing the company’s global position in the maritime industry. In this respect, the latest move to extend management services to the offshore energy and maritime sector is logical. The current world economical, geopolitical and ecological situation certainly denotes resilient demand in this sector, with long-term growth potential.


Delphine Comar provides the experience, equipment, management systems, and network to offer offshore crewing services on a global scale. This includes the specialized crew recruiting and training facilities needed to meet and to uphold the high standards required in the offshore industry. Experience, expertise, and resources make Delphine Comar Offshore department a reliable and efficient partner to support clients planning to enter this segment, as well as existing offshore operators – owning single vessels or large fleets.

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